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Ladakh's first & only artisan creamery making a variety of handcrafted dairy products like cheddar, gouda, parmesan, gruyere, tomme, mozzarella, burrata, yogurts, cream cheese, labneh, cultured butter, and more.

Ladakh, with its unique geography, ecology, and culture, is one of the extremely sensitive regions of the world, which is why ecologically sustainability is at the core of our operation. We adhere to fair trade principles, with emphasis on ethically sourced raw materials. All our products are made using solar power and the project is designed to have the least carbon footprint. Our love for cheese is only second to our love for Ladakh and we take pride in the care we take of both of them. 

Situated near Stakna Monastery, 25km away from the noise and chaos of Leh , Ladakh Cheese arm is developing space to host travellers in our earthen cottages surrounded by apples and apricots trees. And our lovely dogs. 

Cheese Gallery

Ladakh gallery

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